Fox is thinking real hard about a “Firefly” reboot, and this is the only thing that matters right now

With Fox rebooting some old favorites like Prison Break, 24, and The X-Files in the past few years could we see a Firefly reboot? Apparently, it’s not completely off the table. The cult show created by Joss Whedon ran for one season (and a movie) in 2002 but has an intense fanbase.

At the TCA Winter panels back in January, Fox Broadcasting President of Entertainment David Madden discussed the recent reboots of several FOX shows and threw out the idea that a reboot of Firefly was under consideration. But the show would only return if Joss Whedon was involved. Which honestly, we’re very happy to hear.

Fans have been trying to get Firefly back on the air ever since it went off the air. That passionate fanbase is what allowed for the 2005 film follow-up film Serenity. But even that wasn’t enough for fans. It’s been more than a decade but they’re still interested.

When Marvel’s Age of Ultron was released, Collider asked Joss Whedon about the possibilities of more Firefly:

"More than with any other crew, I would love to get that crew back together. I also want to do the next thing and try to have a new thought. I don’t guarantee anything. I’m very terrified that we’ll bring it back and it won’t be as good, or I don’t have the same mojo, or it’s just as good but we’ve all seen, so we’re like, “I don’t know." 

Now that Nathan Fillion is done with Castle and Joss is done directing Marvel films, we’ll have to hope that the stars align on this one and we’ll soon see the Firefly gang back together again!