The cast of ‘The Flash’ sings the ‘Firefly’ theme and we’re good for the day

If you’re not watching The Flash on the CW, let this moment serve as a reminder that you should be. So why are some of our fave characters from The Flash Joe West (played by Jesse L. Martin), Cisco Ramon (played by Carlos Valdes), and Eddie Thawne (played by Rick Cosnett) singing acapella together in a video that’s dominating our social media today? First: Why wouldn’t they? And second: They’re singing for a VERY good reason. Be prepared for all sorts of cross-fandom feels.

Co-stars Martin, Valdes, and Cosnett have banded together to make a short film called The Letter Carrier, which will be set in the 1860s and told through music. Martin is writing the songs, Valdes is arranging the music, and both Martin and Cosnett directing. The group has turned to Kickstarter to make it a reality. It sounds like a pretty awesome passion project and we ALWAYS love when cast members from our fave shows seem to heart each other off screen.

Well, Avengers/Buffy/Firefly mastermind, Joss Whedon, got wind of what these guys were trying to accomplish, and thought it sounded as awesome as we did. He liked the idea so much, he donated above any of their Kickstarter donation tiers.

Martin, Valdes and Cosnett were so thankful for Whedon’s generous donation, they figured the best way to show their appreciation would be through song. And since The Avengers doesn’t have a theme song, and it might have been too much to sing the entire Buffy musical episode, they turned to Firefly. The three guys sing the theme from Whedon’s beloved and canceled series, and we’re thankful for every second of the performance.

If Martin’s singing voice sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve most definitely heard it before. He originated the role of Tom Collins in Rent, and also played him in the movie, too.

As for Valdes and Cosnett? Someone at the CW needs to green light a Flash musical episode immediately.

So now, definitely go and check out their Kickstarter page. They’ve already reached their goal, but this project sound totally up our alley.

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