Um. There’s a teaser for a “Firefly” animated series and HOW DO WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN, PEOPLE??

Firefly went off the air after only one single season on Fox, but that didn’t stop the series from growing a huge cult following — cue the Browncoats. It’s been almost 14 years since fans said goodbye to the television show, and yet one devoted fan made an animated series inspired by Firefly.

Stephen Byrne has patiently been waiting for Firefly‘s return, so he took it upon himself to make it happen. His YouTube video, “The Animated Adventures of Firefly,” is a little over 30 seconds long — and we want more. Everything about the teaser is incredible, from the artwork to the editing.

The teaser acts as an unofficial sequel to Serenity.

Mal and Inara are embracing each other at last, Jayne is finally using a big damn gun, River is kicking ass, Simon is on the run, and Kaylee is on the verge of a dangerous encounter with Reaver,” Nerdist notes.

If you watched the animated clip and thought to yourself that Byrne isn’t an ordinary Firefly fan, your intuition was totally right. He’s so good at what he does that Firefly star Nathan Fillion noticed Byrne’s work.

First, the Castle actor sharde Byrne’s video on Twitter along with a sweet message.

Then, he sent another message to Byrne, saying he hopes Byrne’s love and dedication for the show never goes away.

“Thank you, Stephen. Your work brings me a renewed joy. That’s one torch I hope never burns out.”

Did we mention that after Nathan’s Twitter post, he started following Byrne on the social media site? Fan goals. The actor even shared the YouTube video once more, in case anyone missed it.

Due to the strenuous animation process, it might take a while to see another episode of Firefly on Byrne’s YouTube page. And Byrne is also working on other projects. He’s a professional comic book artist who has worked for companies like Marvel and Titan Comics, according to Nerdist.

We’ll just keep hitting refresh until Byrne uploads a new video.

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