Firefighters rescued this adorable dog twice in one hour for a truly hilarious reason

The latest in Good Dog, Bad Behavior, Vol. Infinity comes courtesy of this adorable dog that firefighters rescued from a roof twice — in one hour. As Mashable reports, Nanticoke City Fire Department in Pennsylvania received a call about a dog on a roof last week. When they arrived on the scene, the dog’s owners were away, but they still managed to get the pooch — a 45-lb. husky named Maverick — back inside the house.

It’s likely that Maverick didn’t realize roof-climbing can lead to serious legal trouble. Last fall, a dog was mistaken for a home intruder after repeatedly sticking its head out of a roof window.

Maverick apparently missed the memo because he climbed back on the roof again, prompting firefighters to return to the scene of what has to be one of the cutest canine crimes ever.

Proving that dogs are quite efficient at trolling, Maverick climbed back inside the window before the firefighters could attempt their second rescue.

LOL. Unfortunately for the local authorities, Maverick’s human Kristin, who was out running errands at the time, said this is one of the oldest tricks in his dog book. “We got him from a lady and she said he’s a magician,” she told AOL News. “He did that to her before.”

She added, "I just came home and he's usually at the front door waiting. And the next thing you know I come home and I say, 'Maverick, where are you?' And there he is, running down the steps. I said, 'oh, no, what's he doing up there?"

In the future, Kristin plans to keep the windows locked, which sounds like the perfect deterrent for persistent paws. Maverick is an extremely handsome dog, but we definitely don’t want to see his face on a future mugshot.