Firefighter proposes to his teacher girlfriend in front of her students, like something from a Rom-Com

The day before Christmas break was pretty exciting in kindergarten teacher Natalie Moy’s classroom. Of course, the day before break is always a little nutty (especially when you’re surrounded by five-year-olds) but this one was like something out of a movie.

Natalie invited her boyfriend, New York City firefighter David Royael, to teach a fire safety lesson to the kids in her class. (Props to Natalie for keeping things special and fun so close to break. She seems like an awesome teacher.) At the end of his lesson, David asked the kids if Natalie should try on his firefighting gear. According to FDNY’s Frank Dwyer, “They said ‘yes!’ and you see how the rest plays out.”

When Natalie reached inside David’s glove, she found a ring box. As you might expect, the episode ends with David down on one knee and Natalie in happy tears. As romantic and special as the moment is, the thing we like best about this video proposal is the reaction of the kids in Natalie’s class. They go full-on BONKERS. Our hearts are exploding a little right now. We see a lifetime of romcoms in their future.

(Image and video via YouTube.)

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