The firefighter and the woman he saved from the Boston bombing are now getting married, because 2017 isn’t all bad

Today in real life romance movies, a Boston marathon bombing victim is marrying the firefighter who saved her. Roseann Sdoia’s life was changed forever when she lost most of her right leg during the 2013 Boston bombing as she neared the finish line. Firefighter Mike Materia was Roseann’s rescuer that day, and now, four years later, the two are engaged! The bombing was a horrible event in our country’s terribly recent history, and it’s left many scars on those who witnessed it, both literally and otherwise. But there’s something so incredibly moving about the fact that something wonderful grew out of this tragedy, and brought these two people together.

Recently, the couple climbed the 1,576 steps to the top of the Empire State Building to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Association. Roseann wore her prosthesis, and Mike wore his full fire fighter uniform, complete with a heavy oxygen tank. Um, we can barely climb the stairs to our offices, so like. Major props.


Even though the Boston Bombing was obviously a horrible event, and we’re sure was traumatic for Roseann, Roseann’s memory of riding in the ambulance with Mike made us smile a little. She told the New York Times:

"He was kneeling on the ground, trying to hold me from sliding, trying to hold himself, and trying to hold the tourniquet. And then here I am, telling him to hold my hand! So the poor guy had a lot going on.

Apparently, after seeing Roseann to the hospital, Mike went to visit to make sure she was okay, and then visited again after that, and again after that…We hope these two love birds are incredibly happy together, and we couldn’t love this outcome any more if we tried.