17 zodiac gifts for the fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) in your life

It’s officially the holiday season! We’re grabbing our sweaters, our favorite mugs, and our pets so we can hibernate all winter long — snug as a bug in a rug. The only thing that beats chilling out in front of a fireplace with some hot cocoa? Buying our friends, family, and loved ones zodiac gifts to show them how much we care and appreciate everything they do. And to celebrate the Aries, Leos, or Sagittarius in our lives, we’ve created this gift guide for the fire signs you love.

Each sign of the zodiac is broken down into four elements: earth, air, fire, and water, and each sign has certain properties that correlate to these elements. Fiery, passionate, loyal, determined, and warm — fire signs are a strong bunch. They know what they want, which can make gift giving just a bit tricky. Thankfully, we’ve done the dirty work, all inspired by the spirit of fire and its transformative power. So whether your forever friend is looking for a new red lipstick, or a crystal to keep their passion in the right place, this guide will take the stress away from holiday shopping.

We hope these zodiac gifts fan the flames of your favorite fire sign.

1Rock N Rose “Citrine Gemstone Raw Crystal Keyring,” $9.19


Citrine, like other orange and gold stones, helps inspire our creativity, while bringing a sense of warmth to our energy. Citrine is also a great stone for attracting wealth, which makes this keychain even more perfect. Keep it close to your wallet to attract wealth and abundance. This is the perfect stone for a fire sign looking to manifest.

2Crystal Cactus “Root Chakra Candle,” $30


Not only is this red color sure to inspire a fire sign, but this candle is also infused with red jasper, clove, and grapefruit so it can smell as delicious as it looks. Our Root Chakra is an energy center sitting at the base of our spine. It’s where our sense of security is, and it’s where we find grounding and support. Fire signs can burn themselves out with their bright flame, so finding solid ground is vital, and this candle is sure to help.

3Hauswitch “Rope Incense,” $7


What makes more sense for a fire sign than a gift that incorporates the element? These rope incense aren’t only unexpected, which is sure to tickle the sign, but they also have a delicious scent. Plus, these do double duty since they help to cleanse and clear the energy of the space they’re burned in.

4Catbird “Floating Wish Papers,” $8


Make a wish and watch it float away to the cosmos! These wish papers are sure to put a smile on the face of whoever receives them. Close your eyes and make a wish, light the paper, watch it float up, and then catch it as it comes down so your wish is sure to be granted! Who doesn’t love this sweet and fun gesture? Paired with a fire sign’s love of fire — it’s a match made in heaven.

5Fenty Beauty “KILOWATT Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife,” $34


You glow, girl! Rihanna’s beauty line is for everyone, but we have a feeling Fenty Beauty’s Kilowatt highlighter in Trophy Wife will bring out the light in a fire sign’s eyes exceptionally well. Sweep this on cheekbones, eyes, collarbones, and more for some pure golden magick. And pair it with red lipstick for the ultimate fiery fantasy.

6Hauswitch “Hearth Candle,” $20


Know someone who wishes desperately to have a fireplace? Just give them this hearth candle, so they can feel like they’re snuggling up to the warmth of a fire. Every fire sign needs to be reminded of their inner flame, and this candle is an easy way to do that. Plus, it smells delicious thanks to notes of orange spice, fir, and pine smoke.

7Catbird “Kitten Matches,” $4


Want to remind someone how hot they are? Buy them these matches! They would pair perfectly with a candle or some sage for the fiery one in your life. Or they can be a stand-alone gift, a little reminder of the spark fire signs carry with them all the time.

8Crystal Cactus “Sexual Astrology,” $7.99


Another thing fire signs rule over? Our desires and passions. For the astrologically inclined Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo, this book is a cross between steamy red and intellectually stimulating non-fiction. This hot read is sure to put the fire in fire signs.

9Witchsy “Flame On Earrings,” $32


See a pattern here? We love flames as a motif, especially when the person wearing them is ruled by the element. These simple earrings pack a punch thanks to their unexpected shape. Pair them with some more matching accessories to help your fire sign look as hot as they feel.

10Topshop “Flame Amy Cross Body Bag,” $60


What more can we say except — everyone needs this! This flame purse is sweet but still has an edge, much like fire signs. We love the warmth of a bag with gold detailing. Pair it with some spicy perfume and orange lips to really channel your inner fire.

11Lush “Ambition Lipstick,” $24.95


Everyone needs a good red lipstick, and we’re partial to this cruelty-free style from Lush. Fire signs have plenty of ambition, after all, and this bright red is sure to bring out passions, confidence, and that inner spark. If you’re feeling fiery, you can even make a whole monochrome red look around this lipstick.

12ASOS “Sass & Belle Holidays Metallic Tea Light Holders” $16


Reach for the stars with these simple candle holders that help infuse your space with even more magick. Sometimes fire needs to be a little contained, but thankfully you can remind your fire sign friends that this doesn’t mean they can’t still shine bright with these holders. Add a vintage lighter or some cool matches to really get the point across.

13Crystal Cactus “Crystal Astrological Bracelet,” $36


Not only is this bracelet striking, with beads that mimic each planet, it’s also cleansed with sage and made with healing stones that are sure to help fire signs ground and center. This striking piece is also infused with healing energy, so it is perfect for a fire sign who’s passionate about the cosmos.

14Reformation “Pajama Set,” $128


Everyone needs a cute pair of pajamas and this eye-catching set is sure to be a hit with fire signs, who like being the center of attention. Plus, with these bold and bright hues, how can you not be cheery? Include a candle for the ultimate “chill AF” gift.

15Last Craft Designs “GOLD Fire Eye Girl Enamel Pin,” $10


Sometimes this is what life feels like! Why not show your fire sign beloved or friend how much you get them with this golden flames pin. Channel the element of fire by pinning this on a jacket, beanie, or sweater. You’ll get the fire in their eyes in no time — no real flames necessary.

16Laser Kitten “Love Hurts Sticker,” $5


If there’s a sign whose heart burns ablaze at the idea of love and passion, it’s fire signs. This sticker is the perfect little gift to say “I get it” while also throwing in some vintage ’90s feels. Love hurts, but this sticker takes just a bit of the sting away.

17Ban.Do “Daisy Heel,” $188


Walk into the room and be the center of attention with these shoes. Fire signs know what it’s like to be in the spotlight, so they surely won’t mind with these chic slides and their vibrant color. Pair them with some sheer, flaming socks for a gift made in the depths of hell.