This fire hair look is absolute flames

Can the people of the world just stop being so creative with their hair? Between color block hair and sand art hair and betta fish hair and split-dyed hair and mermen hair, we’re taking so many style notes and shifts that we’ve saved enough hair dye ideas to last us a lifetime. Well, here’s another one for good measure: Fire hair, an intense ombré that ranges from blazing reds all the way down the warm color spectrum. The results, as collected from Instagram evidence, have got us seeing Katniss. (Get it? The girl on fire? We’ll see ourselves out.)

Fire hair can take on different intensities and stages of color, mirroring the variation of flames themselves. For instance, there are those who prefer a more demure, red-heavy fade…

…and those who take the color a step further, extending the flame to bright green. (Those of us who’ve used Bunsen burners before also know that flames can heat up to blue, should you reach further into the cooler spectrum.)

Seriously though, this trend is so lovely and flattering. Toned down, it reminds us of East Coast autumns…

…and at its most intense, the color looks like actual flames. (The comparison to Adventure Time‘s Flame Princess is very on point.)

While there’s no equal “water ombré” movement bubbling out of the Instagram trend depths (I guess that’s just mermaid hair?), we’re so about these fiery takes on hair color. Carry on, you lovely dye-savvy hair fairies.

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