Finland took a huge step for gay rights today

February was a monumental month for Finland, but today, March 1st, is a day that many people will remember forever. Today is the first day that Finland will allow same-sex couples to marry. The decision was made just about a week ago, and Finns, alongside those in neighboring countries, are using today to celebrate love.

In general, Western Europe is slowly progressing forward, and many countries are making same-sex marriages legal unions. In fact, Finland was one of the last countries to jump on board. This is important since in the eye of the law, married couples have more benefits than standard partners do.

Just like in the United States, many need to be officially married to help in the decision-making regarding health care and tax benefits for their partners.

Ever have a loved one in the hospital for a long time? Even if you’ve been with that person for decades, you’d only be granted more access and control over the situation with legal marriage.

Of course, this is a big win for Finland for many, many other reasons as well. For one, it further promotes equality. They’re taking a huge step away from discrimination, and proving to the world that love is love, and it occurs in many different forms.

As expected, many people are celebrating this fantastic news.


We absolutely love every single one of these positive tweets.

There’s more good news about the new law. Same-sex couples are also legally allowed to adopt a child, which means that so many new, loving families are about to be formed.

According to Business Insider, there’s only one thing that has yet to be determined regarding this law. While civil marriages are definitely approved, same-sex couples who have their heart set on getting married in a church might need to wait a little bit longer. This is a bummer, but all in all, still a pretty big step forward.

We’re so happy that Finland’s LGBTQ community is getting the recognition that they deserve. We know there’s going to be so many gorgeous ceremonies happening today that truly honor love.

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