“Finger Trap” follow-up: No one even knows how to do It

So, on our latest deconstruction of ridiculous body image rules (AKA the “Finger Trap”) we received quite a few comments explaining that we actually got the rule backwards. When I read them, I was like, “okay, that’s weird,” and did some more research because why not. It turns out, there are a million (okay, two) different explanations for how this rule even works. Newest verdict? Still B.S. of course, but let’s talk about what other people are saying about “Finger Trap,” why this is such a hot topic, and if it even has any logical explanation or premise.

E Online asserts that, “If you are able to place your index finger against your nose and have your lips touch that finger at the same time, you are beautiful. If your lips don’t make contact with your finger, you are ugly.” Okay, so lip contact is good here.

However, Boston directs us to “Put your index finger on your nose, rest your hand on your chin like you’re swearing someone to secrecy…and if your lips don’t touch your finger, you’re officially beautiful.” So, lip contact is bad?

Ugh, now I’m just confused. Refinery29 bravely tried to provide some historical context, saying, “Most of us in the West are missing the point. The finger-trap trend began with a Japanese meme, which was replicated in a selfie by a famous Chinese actress Xinyi Zhang, who made a big deal about the fact that she ‘didn’t pass the test.’” Okay, but where did she get this idea from?

The most enlightening of all, Daily Mail says that, “It is loosely based on the 3.1 ratio theory, which is used by cosmetic surgeons to create the ‘perfect profile’ which equates to your nose, lips, and chin all being in a perfect line down your face.” Apparently this whole 3.1 symmetry thing is actually called “Rickett’s E-line,” which definitely isn’t as catchy as “Finger Trap” but whatever.

So now we’re talking about perfect symmetry, which everyone knows is pretty much impossible to organically attain. No one is 100% symmetrical. In fact, if we based everyone’s beauty on symmetry alone, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, and Christina Hendricks would be considered “ugly.” In the words of Cher Horowitz:

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