This DIY finger painting is so sophisticated, your friends will think you majored in art

If you love getting your hands a little messy with crafting, this idea is perfect for you. Bottom line: finger painting isn’t just for kids anymore. Moving into a new dorm room or apartment this year? Grab a set of your favorite paint colors and fill your walls with cute designs that fit your personality best. What’s even better than painting by yourself? Make a party out of it, of course. Invite your pals over for a wine and paint party. The night will be your canvas.

The video below will teach you how to make a pineapple, dandelion, and unicorn that could be right out of an Anthropologie store.

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Finger Painting Wall Art


Acrylic canvas
Acrylic paints (3-5 colors)
Paint brush
Cup of water
Towel for drying brush
Double-sided tape


1. For the pineapple, dip a finger into several colors of paint and begin making rows of fingerprints in the shape of an oval.
2. Make the top of the pineapple by painting lines with contrasting colors.

1. For the center of the dandelion, paint a small circle with a paint brush and then several thin lines extending from it. Also, paint a stem descending from the bottom.
2. Dip a finger into several colors of paint and make dots near the end of the thin lines.

1. For the unicorn, sketch or print out a silhouette stencil and cut it out. Tape it to the canvas with double sided tape.
2. Begin making paint fingerprints about an inch away from the stencil. Make a fingerprint touching the stencil only when your finger has less paint and won’t blob, so the stencil makes a clean line.
3. Continue finger painting with other colors until you reach the edge of the canvas.

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