We’ve found THE miracle product for people with fine hair

If you have fine hair, then you know how difficult it can be to style it. Basically, it’ll look great after a blowout…until five minutes later when it falls completely flat. And curling irons? Great in theory, but not so helpful in creating any lasting style.

Chances are, you’ve probably tried volumizing products and dry shampoos to create some lift — and most are unsatisfying fixes. A rave review from a similarly fine-haired friend pointed me to Alterna’s Bamboo Uplifting Hairspray, a product promising non-sticky volume and lift. (In my experience, hairsprays also deliver extremely temporary results, but I figured I’d give this a try.) It’s paraben/sulfate-free and also created with natural ingredients like strengthening bamboo extract and nutrient-rich maca root.

The results were…

Here’s my hair post-blow dry with no product:

And then after applying the bamboo spray to my roots:

You can play with the application — just a few spritzes around the crown of your head instantly adds texture. I also like to hold up large sections of hair, spray a bit underneath, and fluff by raking my fingers up towards my crown. The amazing thing is that somehow this product really does cling to your strands, maintaining volume throughout the day.

Interested? It retails for $25 (it will last you for a while) and can be purchased at Sephora and Nordstrom.

(Images via Leonora Epstein / HelloGiggles, Nordstrom, Viacom / Giphy)

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