Finding Your Spiritual – An Easy Peasy Guide to Getting Soulful

The longer I live and explore a spiritual life, the easier it gets. When I started off my adventures, I visited a dozen or so different faiths and I got down and dirty with the meditation, the praying, the mantras. I had the patter and the pose, but none of it felt right. Some of it felt convoluted or ridiculous. Most of it didn’t quite fit; it was someone else’s story, someone else’s journey.

I decided that spiritual living could be as simple as me, existing. Whilst I still burn the occasional incense stick, I do so out of a desire to hide the smell of dirty nappies and no longer because it gives me a righteous feeling deep inside. When people ask me about my spiritual path, I am lost for words because I no longer feel there are words, and if there were, they don’t really matter – they are not relevant.

The most significant thing about being spiritual is being human. That’s the whole point isn’t it? If we believe we are some kind of soulful being captured within human flesh, then that must be for a darned decent reason and so I’m not interested in being anything more or less. I am content to simply explore that as a given. Elaboration leads to structure, which leads to religion. This in turn takes us to war, politics, power games and other yuckiness. It is far more satisfying to declare yourself spiritual and then do what suits you, taking guidance only from the depths of your heart and soul.

In essence, spiritual living is the easiest thing in the world. In my most recent book, The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, I write via several topics on how to achieve it. But this can be rendered down here and now to a handful of statements that will take you somewhere special, somewhere that’s right for you. Take these as your basic roadmap, feel free to detour, add your own directions and choose how you intend to travel. Living spiritually has never been more accessible, all you need is the confidence to know you have already got a big dose of spiritual deep inside you, then set about finding it however it suits.

Here are my top tips on finding your spirituality:

Have some faith. I would recommend that you direct this internally. You are your greatest guide should you choose to listen to your wisest internal voice. Choose also to have faith in ‘something more’, you have your own evidence for this, embrace it. That ‘something more’ need not fit anyone’s description. It can involve whatever you please, or it can defy explanation and just sit in your being as a deep truth.

Enjoy some ‘non-coincidence’. Embark upon a path of knowing that everything happens for a reason. Even the bad stuff. Allow coincidences to become non-coincidences; let them be meaningful or even magical. Explore the world as a place where all events come loaded with learning. In doing so, all negatives become positive and you become creator of your own meaningful happy place in life.

Shut your brain up, cease over-thinking, stop reacting, forgive the past, refuse to dwell in worry, live in the moment and let life flow. All very hippy trippy concepts, I know. But life-changing nonetheless. I could try to tell you how to do all these things, but essentially they are your choice. It’s not complicated. Take each concept and apply it. You have mind control, so use it. In doing so, you will calm your mental state and start to hear your gut, your intuition. Choose to abide by your intuition and see how different the world looks.

Quit your BMWing – bitching, whining and moaning. It doesn’t help. Instead, have a go at seeing the good in all things/people. Give up your negativity and see what floods in.

Enjoy some time in nature. Remind yourself what is cracking off outside your window. Start to see yourself as a part of a much bigger picture, one that contains birds, bees, clouds and trees.

Rustle up some love and spread it far and wide. We are often too exclusive with our love, deeming it to be just for friends and family. With very little effort you can find a little love for everyone and anyone who crosses your path. You need not spend a fortune on valentines day, but you can simply be a little kinder, a little soulful in your interactions.

If you do none of the above… then simply do this: Open yourself up to a spiritual life, declare your soulful intent to the wind, to the sky, under the sun and from the deepest part of your heart… and then see what happens next.

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