First a poster and now a trailer! We already love ‘Finding Dory’

Back in 2003, we fell in love with Finding Nemo. But while Nemo was at the center of the movie, the real star was Dory, a blue tang who had a really bad memory. Well, Pixar totally understands that we fans need to see what happens with our girl Dory, and they are totally delivering. The movie may not be coming out until next summer, but we finally have a trailer for the eagerly anticipated Finding Dory

In the new movie, Ellen DeGeneres returns to voice the charming fish, who needs her friends Nemo and Marlin to help her get to the bottom of what she can’t remember. Set six months after Nemo was found and reunited with his dad, Marlin, Finding Dory is going to give us all the Dory closure we want and need.

“I wanted to know that if this charming, forgetful fish ever got lost again, that she would be OK, that she would find her way home,” director Andrew Stanton said at the D23 Expo this summer. “And at the end of Finding Nemo, I wasn’t confident about that. So that’s when I knew I had another story.”

Check out the teaser below, and don’t forget that the film hits theaters in June!

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The ‘Finding Dory’ movie poster is here. We are freaking out

(Image via Youtube)