It’s official, “Finding Dory” is the most popular movie this year (so far)

Once Dory started swimming, she just kept swimming, and swimming, and swimming and swimming….all the way to $900 million dollars.

That’s enough to cover a whole lot of ocean floor.

The Finding Nemo sequel about everyone’s favorite forgetful blue fish opened HUGE earlier this summer, and has yet to slow down. Maybe it forgot to take a quick breather and come up for air…? But honestly, would you expect anything else from Finding Dory?

Earlier today Disney confirmed that yes, Dory is swimming in cash (ha). Domestically, the movie has earned roughly $480 million, making it the top film of the year, and beating the second highest earning film, Captain America: Civil War, by over $70 million — and Dory’s still in theaters now. Whoa.


And you know what this means? Frozen better be worried. The highest worldwide grossing animated film of all time (very impressive), has about $1.3 BILLION, with a B, in their frozen ice cave. Right now, Finding Dory is actually the #9 highest grossing animated film of all time, but she’s still only been in theaters for two months. That’s only ten weeks; Frozen was in theaters for 34 weeks!

Also, Finding Dory has already made way more than Frozen domestically. Frozen only made $400 million here in the states.

So where it stands right now, Dory’s going to keep swimming, and swimming, and hopefully swimming right to a Finding [insert fish here] sequel sometime in the future. We’ll be here, patiently treading water.