The “Finding Dory” premiere was basically our dream childhood birthday party

Pixar’s latest, Finding Dory, premiered last night in Los Angeles, and our fishy friends spared no expense rolling out the red blue carpet for the event. This was also unlike any movie premiere you’ve ever seen, because it was full of actual fish, sand, sand castles, bubbles, and a slide?!

Friends, this is basically the childhood birthday paryt of your dreams. Be super jealous that you never had a Finding Dory themed party as a child. Be super jealous that now as an adult, if you tried to throw a Finding Dory themed birthday party your other adult friends would be like, “But what?”

So then just show them these pictures and exclaim, “BUT FRIENDS, IT’LL BE AWESOME!!

You’ll have the fanciest under the sea spread ever

There will be fish. So many fish. It’ll be like visiting an aquarium

There will be BUBBLES

There will be SANDCASTLES!!


Don’t forget the giant inflatable slide

Instead of your typical clown, you can get someone to dress up as Dory

Then you can spray water at the dude dressed as Dory (Ellen DeGeneres not included)

This appears to be the best Pixar movie premiere ever, and we all missed it


But everyone is invited to my next Finding Dory birthday party!!