“Finding Dory” has made box office history

Based solely on the amount of Dory-oriented excitement that’s been building over the past few months, there was no doubt any anyone’s mind that Finding Dory would be a super popular choice for fans this weekend. But Dory, in her optimistic and charming way, has just blown everyone’s expectations… well, out of the water.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the forgetful fish has just had a record-breaking weekend by pulling in the largest box office weekend of any animated movie ever, raking in $136.2 million dollars in just a few days. It beat out the record previously held by Shrek the Third. But the popularity of this adorable fish and her heart-warming story likely won’t upset the sweet Ogre at all (ogres, after all, have layers.)

It’s a huge feat to have such an impressive opening weekend, especially considering Finding Dory is a sequel to an already massively popular movie. But Dory herself pretty much stole the show in Finding Nemo so it only seems fitting that she gets such a huge response to her own story. While she is joined by the familiar cast of characters from the original movie that made you fall in love in the first place, there’s also a whole school of newbies, including a whale shark, a beluga, and a “septopus”  so people will be even more excited to get to this film.

It doesn’t hurt that the critics are raving about how great the movie is and that it’s the perfect family movie for Father’s Day, both facts that will likely only have their already staggering numbers skyrocketing by the end of the weekend. It’s looking like the odds are pretty solid this instant classic will just keep swimming it’s way to even crazier success.

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