The new ‘Finding Carter’ trailer is here and you need to watch it

The last season of MTV’s Finding Carter was intense. And judging from this new trailer for season 2b, it’s not slowing down any time soon. Just to give all you Finding Carter newbs a rundown, the show centers around a 16-year-old girl who finds out she was kidnapped by her mom, Lori, as a child. Now she has to adjust to living with the family she was taken from at three, and that’s not exactly easy.

Last season ended with Carter’s brother, Ben, showing up in town. And this season looks like it will focus largely on the fallout from Ben and Lori living nearby. Parental issues, stealing, partying. Three words: so much drama. Meanwhile, Carter, who is working at a bar this season, mentions wanting to drop-out of high school. Not cool, Carter.

Tune in October 6th to find out how all the drama shakes out.

(Image via MTV)


Why you need to be watching ‘Finding Carter’