Why You Need to Be Watching ‘Finding Carter’

MTV’s teen drama Finding Carter was one of those shows that kicked off during TV’s off-season, also known as summer, also known as the time when nobody cares about new shows. It may have fallen under the radar at first, but the series earned such a loyal following that a second season has already been announced.  And with good reason. Finding Carter is smart and warm, but still packs an emotional punch.

The show centers around Carter, a 16-year-old girl whose world is turned upside down when she learns that she was taken at age 3 and the woman she’s always known as her mother is her kidnapper. Now, viewers get the chance to watch Carter’s journey as she adjusts to a new town, new friends and a “new” family (including a fraternal twin).

If you haven’t seen the show, episodes are available to stream on MTV’s website. And in anticipation of its upcoming two-part season finale (starting this Tuesday at 9/10 p.m. on MTV), here’s our list of why Finding Carter is the best new show you should be watching.

1. It stars Kathryn Prescott.

For those of you who loved the melodramatic British teen dramedy Skins, you’ll be delighted to learn Kathryn Prescott (who played Emily during seasons three and four of the show) stars in Finding Carter as the troubled heroine Carter (minus her signature red hair). Like her previous star-making role, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen as Kathryn transforms into a moody (American!) teenager.

2. They cast the cutest guys ever.

There’s something for everyone. Max, Carter’s ex-boyfriend and long-time friend, is the much-needed source of humor throughout all of the angst. Gabe is the cool and sweet Every Guy, the one you don’t appreciate upon first glance. Ofe is chill and relaxed and down for anything. And Crash is the classic bad boy you want to save and love all at the same time.

3. And the girls are great, too!

Carter’s twin sister Taylor truly comes into her own throughout the show, progressing from an introverted good girl to the outspoken, devoted sister we all wish we had. And Bird, who oozes cool, immediately befriends Carter and helps make the transition from Old False Life to New Strange Life that much easier.

4. It’s like they time-traveled to your high school romances…

Trying to find and sustain romance as a teen is difficult and Finding Carter captures those difficulties as if they’ve ripped them straight from your diaries. Love triangles and squares abound throughout the show. Have you ever been in love with your best friend who’s in love with someone else? Do you remember what it feels like to find comfort in the local bad boy? The show captures all of that—and more —proving the complications of love are universal.

5. …but also ensured that life was more dramatic the second time around.

What really makes the show such a winner though are the crazy, unbelievable, jaw-dropping plot twists. Because although the show is called Finding Carter, there is a lot of action happening in the shadows. Why was Carter kidnapped? Why are Carter and Taylor’s parents so distant? Who’s got Carter’s best interest at heart? We’re hopelessly glued to the screen during each hour-long episode as these questions and more bring on the highs and lows.

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