This weird quiz will tell you your werewolf name (finally!)

No matter what your name is, it’s easy to get bored with it sometimes. And let’s face it, anything that brings us closer to Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black character in Twilight is something we need ASAP.

That’s right, we’re talking about finding your WEREWOLF NAME! And just hours after we found a quiz to generate our mermaid name — because that’s the kind of special day we’re having.

So courtesy of the Paranormal Romance Junkies Facebook page we can assume our werewolf identity right now. And it only takes a second. Are you a Mystic Demon? How about a Savage Temptress? Or maybe a Fierce Vixen? Hey, maybe you’re a totally badass Blood Beast.

Just look at the below chart, and find the word on the left that corresponds with the first letter of your first name. Then, match it to the word on the right that corresponds to the last letter of your last name.


Wasn’t that a nice little burst of confidence? Embrace the weird and wonderful, we say!

Also, Taylor Lautner the werewolf.

via giphyIf you’re on the prowl for other fantastical things to fill the breaks in your day, the Paranormal Romance Junkies page is full of fans sharing their love for vampires, dragons, and everything mystic and otherworldly. Or maybe you want to find out which fictional witch you’d be based on your zodiac sign? And because it’s Friday afternoon, maybe you’re already settling into a Twilight binge-fest, and that’s totally fine by us.

Happy werewolf day! The challenge is: Can you actually use this alter-ego all day? Maybe trick a stranger or two? Bring it on!