In a post-“find the panda” world: Try to find the four-leaf clover

The Internet collectively went crazy recently trying to find a panda among an army of Storm Troopers, snowmen, and heavy metal musicians. That panda seems to have gone into hibernation for the time being, but the artist behind those drawings has another treat for us.

His latest drawing has us hunting down a four-leaf clover in a field of adorable little pigs playing in a field of three-leafed, regular clovers. Can you spot it?


Here’s a hint: it’s right next to one of the pigs. Hopefully, you can find it quickly, since finding a four-leaf clover is said to bring luck. Who doesn’t want an extra bit of luck for the new year?

Who’s behind these images? Gergely Dudás, better known as Dudolf, is a Hungarian artist fast gaining recognition for his webcomics and optical illusions. He draws his comics by hand before posting them online. If you prefer videos, he has translated some of his puzzles into slideshows (solutions included), which you can check out here. He also posts his work in progress on Instagram when he’s coming up with new puzzles.

He ALSO posts the solutions to all his puzzles if you just can’t seem to figure them out. If you haven’t found your lucky clover yet, you can head to Dudolf’s blog to view the solution.

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(Images via Facebook & Instagram)