Brace yourselves: McPizza is a real thing that exists at (select) McDonalds

In honor of the ’90s and pizza, I’m going to tell you something that will probably make you really happy — or not, depending on your nostalgia levels. Here goes: McPizza still exists.

For those of you who forgot or were born post-Y2K, McPizza was McDonald’s attempt to satisfy every hangover craving in one cheesy product. The item first came on the fast-food scene in the late ’80s in the form of a full-size pizza presented (by servers, no less) at individual tables, but by the time the late ’90s rolled around, most places stopped serving them due to how long they took to cook (11 minutes — which I think automatically makes them just food, not fast food).

Obviously, we weren’t the only ones to experience the loss of such epic slices (which kind of look like pies you’ll find at Pizza Hut and Dominos, but whatever). There’s a Facebook community dedicated to bringing back the McPizza and a Twitter campaign.

So where are these mythical pies? One journalist from Canada did some pizza leg-work and found that there are TWO McDonald’s locations in existence that still serve McPizza. They happen to both be in the continental United States, so for most of us, we won’t even need a passport to get our hands and mouths on them. reports that the stores that serve McPizza are both run by franchise owner Greg Mills — one in Pomeroy, Ohio and the other in Spencer, West Virginia.

So how do they hold up, you know, taste-wise? Here’s one recent review of the McPizza on “For what its worth, its pretty decent,” wrote a McD’s Pomeroy customer, “but exactly what you’d expect from a pizza made by McDonald’s. This pizza, and any others regardless of toppings, is only $6.” 

He also posted this picture for your eyes to eat:

Not bad. Now just sprinkle some fries on there and you’ve got yourself a McPizza party.

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