It Finally Happened: Mules Wearing Mules

If you’re a mule you’re either one of two things: an animal or a shoe. The laws of nature have prevented the two types of mules from ever cross-species mating, but the laws of the Internet bow to no one. What if, just hear me out now, you took the kind of mule you ride and dressed it up in the kind of mule you wear? Inconceivable? Not if you’re one of the geniuses behind Cosmo’s “Mules in Mules.” The editors saw some real potential in the mule’s ability to pull off wedge-heeled footwear, and now we see it too. Check it out:

Not only are these all real four-legged mules (we checked, don’t ask), but they’re modeling real brands of shoes by the likes of ASOS, Victoria’s Secret, J.Crew and other retail outlets where mules don’t usually shop. What’s next, kittens wearing kitten heels? Yes, that should be next, please.

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