We finally know what Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their second baby girl — and it’s uniquely beautiful

Okay, so we love a little mystery every now and then…but not when it comes to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ new baby’s name! They must have known we couldn’t handle the suspense anymore, because US Weekly managed to confirm the name. And we can confirm that it’s adorable.

Are you ready for this dose of wonderful? Their second daughter’s name is Ines.

We love how unique it is, and how it compliments their first daughter, James, so well (and fyi for anyone questioning the choice of James for a girl, non-gender specific names are way on the rise as seen in the most popular baby names of 2016). Dig it!

Apart from the arrival of darling Ines, the Lively/Reynolds family have had a stellar year in their professional lives. Reynolds touched our funny bone with his comedic timing in Deadpool

and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (which spawned a rare public appearance with their daughters that we enjoyed very much), and Lively killed it (literally) in The Shallows! Damnnn.

You two are just on top of the world right now!

Wishing our favorite couple and their sweet daughters a very Merry Christmas, and we can’t wait to see more pictures of Ines soon!

That’s right, now that we’ve got the name, we require more. And also photos of James, who at two years old already has the most kickass tomboy style! Then again…it’s not in the least bit surprising that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter is the epitome of cool.

H/T: Us Weekly

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