We are finally introduced to the Bad Place on “The Good Place”

Eleanor is royally forked. On the last episode of The Good Place, Eleanor came clean to Michael – and the entire neighborhood – about how she doesn’t belong there. This episode begins with her awaiting her fate. She heads into Michael’s office and he takes her through a series of hilarious tests to determine if she deserves to stay put. Because of the never-ending brilliance of this show, the test questions include:

“Did you have a vanity license plate?”

“Did you watch The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise? AND did you ever post on social media that you were “emotionally invested” in any of the relationships featured on these shows?”

“Have you ever reheated fish in an office microwave?”

So forked


Then he uses a light-up cube as a lie detector and asks if she was the one who murdered Janet. She says no, but admits that she does know who did (Chidi), and will not reveal their name to Michael. Michael then interviews Tahani and Jianyu/Jason and doesn’t get much out of either of them in order to make a decision. Meanwhile, he can’t locate her file to see all of her bad behavior on Earth because Janet is still mentally a baby and keeps handing out baby cacti whenever someone asks for something. It’s fantastic and it never stopped being funny (she did it several times).

Yeah, Eleanor is pretty awful


Once Janet finally does give Michael the file, he finds a lot of incriminating evidence to support the choice to send her to the Bad Place. Mainly that she stole a dress from her roommate, ripped it and never told her, then acted surprised when her roommate discovered the rip. THEN her roommate is so mad about the rip that she blames it on her dry cleaner, sues them, and drives them out of business. The dry cleaner’s side of the story goes viral, her roommate is then labeled on the Internet as “Dress B*tch” and Eleanor sells t-shirts with her roommate’s face on it and her new nickname. Eleanor makes a ton of money from the t-shirts, and uses that money to buy the very same dress brand new. Yikes. Yeah, that does not look great.

Cameo alert!


Ultimately, he calls up his counterpart in the Bad Place (or the devil himself – as his role is still unclear), to come pick up Eleanor. A black train shows up, and a very douche-y guy in a fitted black suit shows up with what looks like an entourage that’s typically found in a club’s VIP lounge. That guy is Trevor, and he is played by the one and only, Adam Scott.

He is the BEST because in this new role, his character is the absolute WORST. He tries to prank Michael with a peanut can filled with fiery snakes. He’s wearing the “Dress B*itch” shirt that Eleanor made and sold. AND he tells Eleanor she should “smile more.”

After Chidi makes a passionate plea to Michael to keep Eleanor there, Michael takes her off the train to Hell. But now that we have a better idea of how hilariously awful the Bad Place is, and the kind of people who are down there, this gives the show so many options on where to take it from here. We might even get to see the Bad Place.

Am I the only one hoping April Ludgate is Satan? I hope not!

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