Finally, We Can Get a Quick Romance Novel Fix With ‘The Chatsfield’ Series

Why do we read romance novels? Personally, I read them as a fun escape. Some people label romance novels as a “guilty pleasure” activity. That’s fine. But let’s not put them in the same category as reality TV, folks. Any preferred path of escape through reading is at least three steps ahead of any escape you can find stored in your DVR. Books take some commitment though. It usually takes you longer to read a book than it does to veg out in front of the tube, which is why we crave the quick return on entertainment and often choose TV. Good news though, guys. Our busy lives can stay busy, AND we can fit in a lusty, scandalous tale (while exercising our brains), all at once!

Harlequin has just released their latest book series called, The Chatsfield. The series is actually a mini series, and includes eight titles that are all centered around the world’s most elite hotel, The Chatsfield (And you could win a FREE COPY by entering our giveaway below!). Every Chatsfield guest brings with them their own fame, wealth and drama to the hotel for their stay, and there’s a thrilling story behind every closed door. And it’s not just the guests that have stories to be told. For years, the children of global hotel entrepreneur Gene Chatsfield have shocked the world’s media with their exploits. But with the addition of the new CEO, who’s looking to get these spoiled heirs and heiresses in line, the behind-the-scenes drama is just as intriguing.

Also, what goes down in hotels? ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. So get ready for a ride.

These stories are short, sweet and gloriously spicy, so you can power through each book within an hour or two. How much time do you spend mindlessly maneuvering through reality shows on Bravo? Replace that with some time at The Chatsfield and you’ll be left feeling much more satisfied.

I just read the prequel, Engaged at The Chatsfield by Melanie Milburne, which is about the little sister of a newly famous actor and her weekend at The Chatsfield. She’s there for a Bachelorette Party (aka Hen’s Weekend), and she’s the only single lady in attendance. Her friends are materialistic and really not great friends at all, and her shy, modest nature doesn’t fit in with them. Determined to avoid spinster mocking from the girls, she pretends to be engaged to her brother’s best friend (and her longtime friend) Marcus….who just happens to be staying at The Chatsfield the very same weekend! The two run into each other and have to play into the story she created in order to avoid embarrassment. They also have to stay in the same room in order to remain convincing. Did they expect the sparks to fly? Nope, but as the romantic tension between them begins to rise, they start to realize that they don’t need to be “acting” at all.


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