The trailer for the final season of “Girls” is here, and we are stoked

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Girls isn’t going out without a bang… and a hearty laugh or two. Case in point, the trailer for the final season of Girls is out and it is equal amounts humorous and hopeful.

It starts out with Hannah pensively looking out into the distance from her stoop. Which is both very Hannah and very New York and very Girls. It turns out she’s not just sitting their aimlessly, but waiting for a ride from Desi and an overly excited Marnie, who encourages her to hop into their convertible. From there, the vibe of excitement only grows with Jessa jumping into Adam’s arms, and both Shoshanna and Ray giving considerable looks of optimism.

Of course, Hannah is the exception to the “excitable” rule. It’s her story, after all. And, it’s one that needs to be resolved realistically. The thing is, she doesn’t seem pessimistic. She seems reluctant. Reluctant to embrace her happiness and perhaps even her success. But, it’s not something that seems out of reach. In fact, the most hopeful thing about the trailer is that it feels like Hannah, at the series’ end, is going to finally be somewhat at peace with herself. And, that’s everything.

The best part? Well, other than Hannah and Elijah cackling over a trademark self-deprecating and snarky joke over the “importance” of friendships, it’s that every character, from Hannah, to Ray, to Jessa, is all smiling. The girls and their guys seem to be at place where they are all objectively happy in their lives. It’s the ideal closure for fans to have from a series that started out with its characters in a state of post-adolescent confusion and despair. Which is why we are so stoked for the impending season of Girls, despite it coming to a bittersweet end.