This filmmaker handed out barf bags at the premiere of his movie (and yes, you read that correctly)

Okay, we get that some movies are so over-the-top that they make you feel kinda queasy. But music producer and rapper Flying Lotus recently made his directorial debut (under the filmmaking alias “steve”) with a short film called Royal, and apparently it’s literally vomit-inducing.

So much so, in fact, that special barf bags branded with the movie’s title were handed out to the audience at the Sundance NEXT Fest in LA.



Yes. BARF BAGS. This is not a joke, people! (Well, it kind of is, but it really did happen.)

FlyLo has been promoting the film a lot on Twitter, and giving these words of warning:


Understandably, people were pretty excited freaked.

Here’s a teaser of what movie-goers experienced, if you can handle it:

Yeah, that looks pretty barf-worthy. But, on the bright side, people seemed to enjoy it!

And suddenly it all makes sense why FlyLo’s label is called Brainfeeder.