Cupcake Oreos are here and we are grateful

Warning: we’re about to talk about Oreos again.

I know, I know. But Oreos are so delicious and we have such a great time reporting on the new flavors because if you can’t get excited about a new Oreo flavor, what CAN you get excited about? After we literally JUST talked about Cinnamon Bun Oreos, we are here to make your Monday much more exciting by introducing you to the NEXT FLAVOR.

Are you ready for this? OK. Fine.

The newest Oreo flavor is FILLED CUPCAKE.

Yeah, because Nabisco rules everything around me, we aren’t just getting a regular ol’ Cupcake flavor, we are getting “Filled Cupcake.” Your filled cookie will taste like a filled cupcake. Is this some kind of dessert inception? I’m not complaining.

According to Consumerist, the original Oreo leaker states that they should be available January 2016. Sooo, in like 3 months.

Basically from what we can see, there is a bit of vanilla frosting in the chocolate frosting, hence the whole “filled” idea. Heck, they had me at “chocolate frosting,” tbh.

We’re just helping spreading rumors (but, pretty likely rumors) right now, y’all. We’re hoping the flavor is true because we’re a little bit drooling already. Maybe we’ll see you in 2016, Filled Cupcake Dream of ours?

(Images via Instagram, Flickr)