Rachel Platten just did a gorgeous duet of her “Fight Song” with a 7-year-old cancer patient

If you’ve turned on the radio in the last year, chances are good you’ve heard Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” The pop ballad has enjoyed worldwide success, and, at its height reached the #6 position on the Billboard Hot 100.

As much as we love the radio version of “Fight Song,” our new favorite rendition of the tune is one that Platten just sang with Jeremiah, a 7-year-old cancer patient who is currently undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

“Jeremiah loves ‘Fight Song’—he memorized the lyrics after three or four times of listening to it,” Jeremiah’s father told the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles website. “He used to sing it when he got a lot of headaches, but now he sings it in the morning, before bed and during shots he has to get.”

Jeremiah has been a tremendous trooper throughout his treatment.

“Jeremiah doesn’t like getting shots and his nurses would always apologize,” his dad explained, “but he would reply with, ‘It’s okay; I know it’s your job.’”

As “Fight Song” has been such an important part of Jeremiah’s life, Jeremiah’s parents thought it was only right that they find a way to introduce Jeremiah to Rachel Platten. They started the #RachelMeetJeremiah hashtag on Instagram, and with the help of friends and family on social media, ended up reaching Platten on Twitter.

Watch their gorgeous as all get out duet below. And make sure to stick around for the end when Jeremiah asks Rachel the most hilarious/adorable question:


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