A “Fifty Shades of Grey” musical might be happening because this is the world we live in

We’re HUGE fans of musicals, show tunes, and anything that involves a song and dance. However, there are rumors floating around that Fifty Shades of Grey might now become musical, and we’re not sure how to feel about it.

Given the success of La La Land, which might be getting its own live-action stage musical adaptation, and how popular theater adaptations of movies are becoming, with the likes of Amelie and The Bodyguard becoming popular on the stage, it only seems fitting that people would be casting their eyes around to see what else could make the transition from screen to stage.

However, we’re not sure that anyone expected Fifty Shades of Grey to be making that transition anytime soon.

Well, according to a report in British tabloid newspaper The Sun, it seems that a musical version of E.L. James’ popular erotic novel could be in the works.

A “theater insider” told the newspaper that given the success of the books and the film, the second of which, Fifty Shades Darker, is due for release in February, it’s a no brainer that there’d be a stage version.

"There has been massive hype around the books and producers know that the stage adaptation will sell out in minutes," the insider said. "Theatre bosses have been in talks with E.L and although these things can take years to plan they know it will be a big success."

Tbh, we’re not sure how those kinky scenes in The Red Room would translate to stage, especially if there was music involved, but we’re quite keen to find out how it would all work.

"It could be the sort of thing that hen parties will flock to with all the steamy scenes," the insider continued, "and tourists will love it too.

While this might just be an “insider” revealing that a musical is in the works, we’ve seen weirder things occur, so we’re not ruling it out at all. In fact, we’re quite curious to see what kind of direction it would take. We can totally imagine a campy, glamrock musical like Rocky Horror. Or perhaps it’ll go down the hip hop route a-la Hamilton.

Either way, it’s a nice bit of info to keep us tied over until Fifty Shades Darker is released on February 10th.

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