People are freaking out about this truly bizarre Fifth Harmony photoshop fail

Like the rest of the interwebs, we’re always fascinated by the magical world of Photoshop, where pretty much anything is possible. And the viral #PhotoshopFail du jour is one that is truly worth checking out: Ally Brooke Hernandez of girl group Fifth Harmony was photographed for the cover of Billboard Magazine, and emerged from the experience with two right feet, which might pose a problem for her dancing skills. false

The origins of the photo are still unknown. A Twitter account called Shady Music Facts appears to be the first to have released the photo, which Ally Brooke shared on her one Twitter as well. Billboard made the following statement to Jezebel, but it still remains a bit fuzzy as to who did the “manipulating”:

While discussions of #PhotoshopFails can sometimes raise complicated issues with beauty standards in the media, we love that Ally Brooke herself was the one who called attention to this one — we just can’t resist a pop star who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself (this is still one of our favorite examples of all time). The internet is all about Ally Brooke’s fresh perspective, too. false false false

Honestly, we really can’t say it better than this Twitter user: false

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