This fierce redheaded model is who you NEED to follow on Instagram

As you all know, we go absolutely bananas over the latest fashion, trends, and it-girls, and model Katie Moore is our newest cool-girl inspiration! The 18-year old model is known for her signature look, all of which she can thank designer Alexander Wang for.

She told W magazine in February of this year, “I really cannot thank Alexander Wang, Anita Bitton, Guido and their teams enough for seeing something in me and allowing me the opportunity to open this amazing show. When they told me their vision for my hair I was so terrified for about 5 minutes and then realized: it’s just hair. I’m 18 years old and it’s time to have some fun and explore a new side of me. I think it’s amazing. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

First of all, let's talk about her hair. How incredible does it look against colors like black and white?

She almost giving us, like, younger short-haired Florence Welch vibes here and we love it!

Even with a more muted red, Katie still has a distinctive, signature look that makes us wanna chop all of our hair off!

OMG! The bright red hair makes her eyes POP like crazy!

This is pretty much *the* only look you need for fall.

Okay wait, this is other look you need for fall. Dark lips + spicy hair color = #coolgirlvibes.

The denim matches her crystal blue eyes! *swoon*

Katie is literally the coolest it-girl off all time.

Like literally. THE. COOLEST.