A field guide to the most photogenic cats on record

If you’re not already on the cute cat wagon (you guys, why WOULDN’T you be?!), these adorable Perlorian cats are sure to get you on board!  Perlorian cats, which are also known as Nameneko cats, are the delightful creation of Japanese photographer Satoru Tsuda.  

Perlorian photographs feature real cats dressed in clothing and arranged in cat-sized dioramas so they appear to be doing human activities like camping, going to school, or riding the cutest roller coaster ever.  These cats were hugely popular in the mid-1980s… and these precious kitties are long-overdue for a comeback!  I mean, just look at them!

The story goes that photographer Satoru Tsuda originally wasn’t very fond of cats, but he had a change of heart after taking in four kittens he’d found abandoned at a dry cleaner’s shop near his home. After a few months of caring for the kittens, he noticed one kitten (named “Matakichi” after the dry cleaning business in which he was found) playing with some doll clothes, and thus the purrrrrfect idea of Perlorian cats was born!

And, in case you were wondering (because I know I was), no kitties were harmed in the making of these photos.  Don’t worry!  Tsuda took special care to make sure that the feline friends used in his photographs were happy to ham it up in front of the camera and given lots of love.

Okay, enough history.  Let’s just look at amazing cat pictures now!!

Some of the Perlorians are artistically inclined…

Whereas other Perlorians are downright naughty…

Bad kitty! No smoking!

Bad kitty! No hitting other kitties!

 But most of the cats behave themselves very nicely…

Just two wild guys being wild in the wild.


…And it’s no doubt that all of them are absolutely adorable.

“I haz hat!”

Stay cool, Perlorian cats of the universe… stay cool…

Making mewsic!

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