Fictional towns where we would totally put down roots

As children, we imagined the majestic places we would visit one day and the exciting cities we could call home. And since many of us didn’t do a considerable amount of traveling before sixth grade, combined with the fact that the grass is almost always greener, television characters living in buzzing cities and quirky towns provided daydream fodder.

Of these magical, fictional hometowns, there are a few where I would swoop in on a real-estate opportunity, should one ever come available.  Here are the best fictional towns from charmingly set sitcoms.

Stars Hollow, Connecticut, Gilmore Girls

Stars Hollow is wonderfully weird. Could you imagine being within walking distance to Luke’s famous coffee, meeting Lane for an al fresco lunch in the Gazebo, strolling past the town troubadour to a folksy tune and enjoying autumn weather year-round? Plus, you could be Lorelai Gilmore’s neighbor. On the downside, you would probably spend a lot of time trapped in conversation with Kirk since he works at every neighborhood business.

Pawnee, Indiana, Parks and Recreation

Not only does Pawnee have a rad music festival, hilarious local news anchors and some of the best parks in America, it has the one and only Leslie Knope. And, the future is pretty bright in Pawnee, according to Parks & Rec’s farewell season. Moving to Pawnee in 2015 would put you at the forefront of something.  For all of this, plus JJ’s Diner, I’d be willing to look past the raccoon problem.

Springfield, err USA?, The Simpsons

Springfield is perhaps the most exciting city in America, if only we knew where in America it is. In the last 25 years, what hasn’t happened in Springfield? The city has everything: fine dining at Luigi’s, late night eats at Krusty Burger, unsafe but fun rides at Itchy & Scratchy Land, a AA minor league baseball team (Go Isotopes!), a constant stream of visiting celebrities, Duff Beer and eternal youth. Seriously, Maggie is almost 30.

Twin Peaks, Washington, Twin Peaks

OK, so the town can be a little terrifying. But what city doesn’t have its problems? Despite the mystery and murder, there is something enchanting about the wooded, overcast Washington town. Come for the investigation, stay for Double R Diner’s delicious coffee and cherry pie.

Storybrooke, Maine, Once Upon A Time

So, everyone in town is susceptible to spells cast by dark magic. But wouldn’t it be awesome to have Snow White as your teacher and Little Red Riding Hood as your waitress? Maybe steer clear of Mr. Gold’s pawn shop . . .

Coeur d’Coeurs, possibly Massachusetts, Pushing Daisies

Coeur d’Coeurs, or Heart of Hearts, also produces some adorably magical residents, most notably Ned the pie maker and his childhood sweetheart Charlotte “Chuck” Charles. The small town is near to the bustling city in Papen County where Ned and Charlotte live as adults, but the nostalgia and yellow flowers woven in storybook flashbacks make me want to settle down in Coeur d’Coeurs.  Of course, Lee Pace is still there when I dream about this fictitious future.

Sunnydale, California, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If homebuyers can look past the whole jam-packed cemetery thing, proximity to Hellmouth and the fact that the town was established to feed the undead, and appreciate the town’s many amenities (including a branch of the University of California system), they would see that it’s not such a bad place to live.

Hillwood City, Hey Arnold!

According to show creators, Hillwood was is an amalgam of Seattle, Portland and Brooklyn. Portland and Brooklyn? Guys, Arnold is the original hipster.

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