Fictional bedrooms we wish we could live in IRL

Growing up, your bedroom is your kingdom. From the Christmas lights tangled around the bedpost, to the random trinkets scattered amongst dusty bookshelves and clothes spilt over desk chairs; our bedrooms are the evidence of our developing souls in all their unique (and often messy) glory. And fictional characters are no different.

In many TV shows and movies, the main character’s bedroom is as important as the character themselves, with set designers helping to take an already well-written character and give them even more depth and realism through something as simple as the posters on their bedroom walls. Some fictional bedrooms have been more iconic and enviable than others, though. Here are a couple that we wish we could stay in ourselves

Arnold’s room (Hey Arnold!)

His bedroom may have been narrow, but what it lacked in width it most certainly made up for with that incredible sky roof. You could fall asleep at night staring up at the stars, and keep all the plants you wanted without worrying if they’re getting enough sunlight. The only downside? All that early morning light would make sleeping in impossible!

Enid Coleslaw’s room (Ghost World)

Enid is a mixed-up artistic soul with an eye for seeing the tiny details in things that nobody else does. All this reveals itself in her bedroom, a jungle of vintage collectables and eccentric knick-knacks. There’s so much colour and detail that you can notice something new and intriguing with every fleeting shot. It’s a cozy den and thrifter’s paradise at the same time.

Raven Baxter’s room (That’s So Raven)

The bold armchairs, the awesome fabrics, the cute little sewing nook and that INSANE/amazing sequined headboard — Raven’s bedroom was as fabulous as she was. Although most of her time was taken up by psychic revelations (and all the dramas that came with them) she was also a budding fashion designer, and her bedroom is where this aspect of her character was most on show.

Daria’s Room (Daria)

For one of the most original and intriguing fictional characters, Daria Morgendorffer has a surprisingly dull and uninspiring bedroom. Yet, the more you think about it, it makes sense. The openness of the space resembles Daria’s plain-speaking honesty, the scatterings of books and Kafka poster symbolize her maturity and deeper interest in the world, while the most unusual aspect of her bedroom, the padded walls symbolize Daria’s introverted nature, and tendency to block people out from knowing her real emotions. The entire room is a metaphor for Daria’s character.

Carrie Bradshaw’s place (Sex and the City)

The open plan design of Carrie’s apartment means that her bedroom is basically equal to her entire space. It’s more a symbol of Carrie’s lifestyle than anything else. Perhaps this is what makes it so enviable, with the ambience of a life spent hanging out with your three best girlfriends, wearing $400 shoes and pondering the mysteries of your love life at the little writing desk beside the window. Oh, and let’s not forget that walk-in closet. Oh, that closet.

Sabrina Spellman (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

She had two lava lamps. TWO lava lamps! Plus another big lamp on her bedside table. You’ve got to love any bedroom that appreciates the power of ambient lighting. The general mystical vibes going on in that room, with all the celestial decoration made it even more magical too.

In some of the shows mentioned, the bedroom is almost a character in itself, while in others it’s merely a glimpse into the deeper aspects of the character it belongs to. Whether they’re there to create an atmosphere, or to give us more narrative insight, there’s certainly something about bedrooms that will always encapsulate our curiosity about others.

[Images courtesy Nickelodeon, MTV, Paramount Pictures, and HBO]

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