This festival beauty look is ridiculously beautiful, and ridiculously hard to do

The ideal festival ~lewk~ changes every year, but one thing we can pretty much rely on is that flower crowns will never go out of style. But now it looks like floral eyeliner is set to replace flower crowns as the next big thing in the world of free-spirited fest style.

It looks totally amazing, but we can’t help but think that flower crowns are SO much easier. We’re not sure we have the time, let alone the fine motor control, to pull off this look. But ohmygod, do we ever want to try. And then find a festival to rock it at, because wow, does this new eyeliner trend make you look like some kind of stylish wood nymph.

Behold: the most difficult yet awesome beauty trend we’ve seen to date.

Seriously, how do people do this!? Regular eyeliner is hard enough, we can’t imagine elevating it to this extent.

This isn’t a look any peasant can manage, but MAN is it on point.

It’s basically a flower crown for your eyes, and we love it a little too much.

There’s even an option for those of us who tend to shy away from bright colors (wearing black all the time is  a valid life choice, okay? All of your clothes instantly match.)

We literally can’t wait until we find an event and the three hours necessary to rock this amazing new trend.

But while we’re totally in support of this floral eyeliner look, we think that it should def be paired with a flower crown rather than replace it. Go big or go home.

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