This festival is basically Coachella for yogis, and we’re so intrigued

Festival frenzy is a defining element of the modern age. But one festival sounds a little different than the others. Lightning in a Bottle looks as intriguing as its name. Sure, it offers an exhaustive line-up of music, much like Coachella, and tons of art, like Burning Man. But what really piques our interest is its 5-day offerings of yoga and health workshops.

Festivals and health: toothpaste and oranges, or peanut butter and jelly?

The phrase “catching lightning in a bottle” is meant to describe something that’s extremely difficult, perhaps bordering on the impossible. Sounds a lot like yoga, the physical and spiritual benefits of which come straight from the stress signals it induces, as you train your mind to overcome them.

Lightning in a Bottle brings world-renowned teachers to California’s Central Coast.

All the most educated and enlightened yogi veterans gather in one place to share their wisdom with throngs of festival-goers.

Also, the classes sound totally festival-appropriate, with names like “Fuck Yeah Yoga,” “Screaming Ecstasy,” “Superman Yoga,” and “Yoga for the Voice.” (Might they add aerial yoga to the list?)

We can only imagine the stories of transformation we’ll hear (and see on social) from attendees.

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After Lightning in a Bottle, we imagine we’ll hear, “I didn’t know I never really knew myself until I took that Soul Sonic Vinyasa class.”

The classes are available to all levels, so if you’re a yoga newbie, we can think of no better place to pop your cherry than among hoards of happy, healthy partiers. We already gave you all the reasons you should be practicing yoga this spring. So why not make an event of it?

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