Fergie is coming out with a new album, and we are lining down the block just to watch what she’s got

She’s Fergalicious and she’s here to show us what she’s got. This time, it’s bigger and better than ever. On September 22nd, Fergie is releasing her latest album, Double Dutchess, alongside a visual album, Double Dutchess: Seeing Double. This is a new step for the eight-time Grammy winner, who’s never released a visual album before.

Double Dutchess is sure to be ear candy for anyone who loves Fergalicious as much as we do. And since Nicki Minaj is featured on the track “You Already Know,” and Rick Ross is on “Hungry,” we have a feeling this album is going to be an experience unto itself.


In a press release, the Dutchess herself says,

"It's finally here! I've spent a long time — many late, late nights —writing and working to make Double Dutchess perfect. I wanted to make a visual experience too, because there's a special story here that's really close to my heart. This is my vision. I feel like it truly represents who I am on every level, and I hope you love it as much as I do."

Fergie ends her statement by exclaiming that she’ll see us on the road. So, in other words, we’re already prepping ourselves for a tour.

The 13-song album is available for pre-order starting today, and we’re already excited about it. It doesn’t take much for us to reminisce about Fergie’s impact on our lives growing up. She helped us spell glamorous and learn about our humps, and we’ve loved seeing her come into her own all the while.

Now, with her sophomore album, we’ll get to see Fergie come into her own even more.