The internet is losing it over the fact that “Fenty” is Rihanna’s last name

Ever since Rihanna’s new makeup line, Fenty Beauty, hit the shelves, people have been obsessing over it. No one really knew where the word “Fenty” came from — they just went with it. Well, as it turns out, Fenty is Rihanna’s last name, and the internet is losing its collective damn mind.

Apparently, the entire world thought Rihanna was a last name-less superstar created with one name only like Adam and Eve. So everyone is finding it very hard to cope with the fact that she not only has a last name, but NO ONE KNEW IT UNTIL BASICALLY RIGHT NOW.

So okay, Rihanna’s last name is Fenty, but that’s not the only mind-blowing information we learned today. Rihanna’s first name ISN’T RIHANNA.

Her full name is actually Robyn Rihanna Fenty, and now nothing and everything makes sense.

If you’re feeling like you don’t even know Rihanna anymore, you’re not alone. Much of the internet feels the same way, and people are expressing their feelings about it on Twitter. Because of course they are.


And of course there are the major Rihanna fans who have always known that her full name. They think the rest of us are ridiculous, and we kind of don’t blame them. false

The more you know.

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