Fenty Beauty is replacing a woman’s stolen makeup products, and that’s what we call customer service

Today in news: A Fenty Beauty fan’s makeup products were stolen, and Rihanna’s brand replaced all of it, and then some. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Fenty Beauty even more, we get yet another reminder of just how much RiRi’s beauty brand takes care of its fans.

Yes, there are far greater tragedies that could befall us, but the loss or theft of a major investment such as a makeup collection is a blow to both the psyche and the pocketbook. Especially if said collection is comprised of products from the international sensation and super cult Fenty Beauty.

One Rihanna and Fenty devotee named Chiara (aka @OnlyIfForRih on Twitter) recently experienced an unfortunate event. A burglary is a scary thing, and Chiara took to Twitter to recount her misfortune. Fenty Beauty’s official Twitter account found her tweet and responded to it with what is possibly the best customer service reply ever: an offer to replace all of the stolen products.

Chiara received replacements of all of her lost makeup, plus even more goodies. Is Rihanna a makeup fairy godmother? (Or should we say, “fairy BOMBmother?) It’s definitely proof that Fenty fans aren’t just “fans” — they’re family.

At the risk of sounding cynical, will folks be crying wolf in order to re-up their Stunna and Gloss Bomb? Rihanna has a pretty strong BS meter, so we think not.

Here’s Chiara’s original tweet mourning the loss of her Fenty:

We feel for her.

Fenty comes through.

Now THAT’S what we call customer service.

We stan.

The Fairy Bombmother herself.

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