Fenty Beauty slid into this K-pop star’s DMs for a possible collab

Fans of both Fenty Beauty and K-pop have joined forces to convince Rihanna’s brand to collaborate with EXO member Kai. Best of all? And the fans appear to be succeeding because Fenty Beauty caught wind of it and tweeted that they slid into Kai’s DMs. This is not a drill, people.

As you can imagine, Fenty’s Twitter response got fans even more excited over this possible collab. The beauty brand wrote, “Okay we see y’all… We’re sending a DM #FENTYXKAI.” Only time will tell if Kai responds to whatever Fenty messaged him.

While it’s unclear whether fans want Fenty to create a makeup collection with Kai or they just want the K-pop star to be the male face of Fenty, one thing is for sure: Fans want these two to work together. As Allure points out, this would be a huge step for inclusivity. The magazine reports that Kai often gets cruel comments about having a deeper skin tone than other EXO members.

And this might be wishful thinking, but if Fenty Beauty were to make Kai the face of the brand, it would help to normalize makeup for men in the U.S. While this is already fairly common in South Korea, there’s still a lot of stigma to break down in the States. All in all, this collab is a fabulous idea, and we are 100% here for it.

We hope Kai checks his DMs and gets back to Fenty Beauty ASAP.

Make #FentyxKai happen.

Fans have started creating fake ad campaigns to give us an idea of what this collaboration would look like.


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We’ll keep an eye on Fenty’s social media accounts to see if this becomes a reality.

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