This world champion fencer was just asked to remove her hijab at SXSW

Ibtihaj Muhammad is one of the most celebrated fencers in the world. A three-time US national champion and gold medalist at the 2014 World Fencing championships, you think her titles and her skill with a saber would be her most identifying traits.

But nope, because people suck sometimes. While attending SXSW, Muhammad tweeted that a volunteer at registration refused to issue her badge for the festival until she removed her hijab for a photograph.

Supporters immediately reached out to Muhammad with messages of sympathy and encouragement.

Some however, speculated that it was some type of security measure not specifically directed against Muhammad, but against anyone wearing a head covering or hat. Not so, says SXSW, who contacted The Daily Dot to clarify their policy:

Good on them for taking quick action to apologize, and hopefully next year they’ll train volunteers better. Especially as Muhammad, after finally convincing the volunteer to give her a badge, ended up with this:

Well, we hope you enjoy “working” for Time Warner, Ibthihaj, and that whoever got your badge knows their way around a fencing match!

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