Feminist t-shirts to fulfill all your feminist t-shirt dreams

We believe in gender equality with all our hearts, and we’re all about wearing our feminism with pride. Like, literally wearing it. Like having our clothes say feminist things and then proceeding to wear aforementioned clothes.

Below, some of our fave feminist-minded tees because it’s Monday and you want a new tee, right?

Let’s all take a second to die for this shirt, which is sold at the exceptionally rad store Otherwild in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

It’s a replica of an original design from 1975 which we love and stan for so hard it is probably unhealthy. You can pre-order The Future is Female here.

Another great one from Otherwild, perfect in its simplicity

Represent Riot Grrrl and radical third-wave feminism with this shirt from Kathleen Hanna’s former band Bikini Kill—which pioneered, embodied and epitomized everything gorgeous, tough and amazing about the movement.

Have you checked out Me and You, the most wonderful brand started by two wonderful females (real life BFF’s Mayan Toledano and Julia Baylis) that ever there was. We LOVE them. We love their website. We love the things they make. Like this “Don’t Touch” t-shirt:

And, this is not a post about feminist underwear, but if it was…

Le kitties do not like le street harassment (via RedBubble):

Always awesome to know that mythological creatures are on board with gender equality (via Feminist Apparel):

Real talk (via Wicked Clothing):

For the men/women/everybodies in your life (via Zazzle):

For those that can’t keep their Ruth Bader Ginsburg crushes to themselves (via LookHuman):

What girls want. (via FeministApparel):

Feminist BFF shirts (via Etsy)

It’s high-time your Marxist feminist dialectic got its own t-shirt (via Zazzle):

One more feminist cat shirt? One more feminist cat shirt (via LookHuman):

Images via corresponding retailers


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