9 feminist Halloween costumes to release your inner badass

There are many Halloween costumes out there to choose from. But unfortunately, in today’s costume landscape, it can sometimes be challenging to find a female-centric costume that doesn’t sacrifice your feminist ideology. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of feminist Halloween costumes that look cute while highlighting your best asset — your brain.

We hope you’re ready to feel beautiful, powerful, and ready to kick butt because the iconic female characters below do all of the above. Suit up and let your strong, independent woman shine.

1Wonder Woman

Whether you choose to go all out with a metallic Gal Gadot-inspired cosplay or stick to the classic Lynda Carter route, you’re bound to be one of the most badass females at the Halloween party.

2Cookie Lyon from “Empire”

To emulate Cookie Lyon, one must obtain an ensemble badass enough to suit the queen who wants what she wants and won’t take no for an answer. We’re thinking head-to-toe cheetah print would be a great start. Then add in a faux fur coat and douse yourself with diamonds and gold bling.

Then again, wearing anything that makes you look expensive and just a tad extra would certainly be Cookie approved.

3Peggy Olson or Joan Holloway from “Mad Men”

If you want to go retro this Halloween, Peggy or Joan might be for you. Peggy is a modern woman in an outdated world who isn’t afraid to compete with her male counterparts. And Joan knows she has more to offer than her looks.

4Xena, Warrior Princess

If you’re all about women supporting and defending women, Xena, Warrior Princess might just be your biggest role model. Plus, you can easily turn your solo Xena costume into a friends’ or couples’ costume by pairing up with Xena’s sidekick/soulmate Gabrielle.

Get ready to kick evil’s butt and totally rock some blunt bangs.

5Maeve Millay from “Westworld”

Maeve woke up from the dream that is “Westworld” and is trying to get out. She’s aware of her objectification, and is seeking empowerment to break free and live for herself.

And don’t forget your fan. Nothing goes better with an eye roll than a good fan.

6Beatrix Kiddo from “Kill Bill”


She’s ruthless and out for revenge after having her life destroyed by her ex-lover. Kiddo is a master at kung fu and can kill a man with just one hand.

This costume is iconic and will make you feel powerful and in control of your own destiny.

7Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde”

She may have gotten into Harvard to follow a boy, but Elle Woods realized her brain and compassion is far more important than any old dude.

Woods is perhaps the best example of not judging a book based on its bubbly, pink, and blonde exterior.

8Buffy Summers

Although she wants to be a normal high school student, Buffy realizes that it’s her fate to guard the world. She’s not physically who one would expect to safeguard us against evil, but that’s the point. Buffy proves to be a strong, capable hero, highlights and platforms and all.

And p.s. — a Buffy and Willow friends’ costume is the best friends’ costume out there, in our opinion.

9Princess Leia/General Leia

Leia is a princess who’s perfectly capable of rescuing herself, thank you very much. She always spoke her truth and wielded weapons to take part in the action.

And if you want to make things a little more contemporary, go full-on General Leia à la the most recent Star Wars movie.

Walk into this year’s Halloween party dressed as any of the above ladies and bask in the power they exude. And keep in mind, that power doesn’t have to come off with the costume.

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