Watch what happens when 007 meets a feminist Bond Girl

Perhaps the best-known fictional spy of all time, James Bond first came into being in 1953 as the titular protagonist in Ian Fleming’s debut novel, Casino Royale. The author went on to write 11 more books and two short story collections about Bond — and the world was hooked. Since Fleming’s death, multiple authors have tried their hand at writing British Secret Service’s most beloved agent; and he’s been adapted for the radio, the screen, and beyond.

Bond first came to life in a television adaptation on CBS in 1954, but found his true home on the screen with Dr. No, starring Sean Connery, in 1962. Since then, there’ve been over 20 feature films centered on 007. Each of the seven men who’ve played Bond has brought something different to the table. But in a 007 film, there are always some constants: Martinis, cool gadgets, lots of action, a terrifying villain, and, of course, a gorgeous love interest.

While there have been some exceptions, for the most part, it’s common knowledge that Bond Girls exist only in relation to 007, and not as their own, separate, fully-developed characters. So what would happen if one of those girls took a stand against Bond’s womanizing ways? Something pretty amazing, as it turns out.

Sketch group Scotch Moses recently decided to put 007 in his place with a video called “Feminist Bond Girl,” in which the spy tries his charms on a feminist. The woman is completely uninterested in his sexual innuendos and witty banter, and is quick to shut him down — and it’s all kinds of awesome.

“Sexual repartee is half my vocabulary,” 007 says at one point in the video. “I mean, how else am I supposed to talk at women?”

“Just talk to us like we’re normal people,” she responds.

The whole thing is solid Gold(enEye), and we love the idea of a Bond Girl who knows how to stand up for herself. Full disclosure: I’m a big fan of Scotch Moses and all the awesome stuff they do, so I might be a little biased. But nonetheless, it’s well worth a watch — and the group’s reason for making the sketch only makes us love it all the more.

“We wanted to do something for the new James Bond film, and there’s been all this press around Daniel Craig saying that he thinks Bond is a misogynist,” Rebecca Contreras, the sketch’s art director, told HG. “We kind of wanted to play on that idea, because when you watch the film, you’re kind of just like, ‘This is ridiculous — all of these women are basically handled as props.’”

“There’s never been a fully realized woman in any of these movies,” she continued. “So we wanted to use that to make a statement, but in a humorous way.”

We think they more than succeeded.

(Image via video.)

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