This female-only travel network wants to help women travel more confidently

Airbnb revolutionized the way we travel. The service made renting a room easier and cheaper, allowing travelers to get a more immersive experience out of their destination. To improve upon that idea, a new Airbnb-esque travel website called Overnight introduced a female-only travel network that is improving the way women feel about traveling on their own.

Like its predecessor, on Overnight, one can sign up to be a host or use the site or app to book rentals. But the unique thing about Overnight is its “Groups” page, which allows you to set up your own network of trusted travel-loving friends with community members from around the world.

The first group Overnight created is “Girls LOVE Travel,” which the website describes as an “international community of over 330k travel-loving women who strive to empower other women to travel with safety & support!”

Booking rooms in people’s homes can be extremely risky for a solo female traveler, or even several women traveling together. That’s why Overnight strives to make renting rooms as a woman more secure.

Girls LOVE Travel founder Haley Woods told The Independent, "Building this partnership between Girls LOVE Travel and Overnight presents members with a peer-to-peer network platform to help answer those concerns by providing members a cost-effective opportunity to stay with ladies they have met within our online community. Overnight provides our members the added benefit of moving beyond the computer with other female travelers, and creating lasting relationships.

And because Overnight allows group members to use tiered pricing, members of Girls LOVE Travel often receive discounted rooms from their hosts.

The Girls LOVE Travel group description reads, “We are a sisterhood and a community to assist you with your travel bucket list, to help find friends to explore the world with and to empower you to discover the globe!”

If you’re a female traveler interested in joining Girls LOVE Travel on Overnight, you can click here to get involved in this awesome, woman-centric online community.

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