We are so ready for the ‘Mummy’ reboot to star a lady

Time for another reboot. Again. But this one we’re actually pretty stoked for, since it’s got an awesome gender-swapping twist. Universal is set to once again release a brand new Mummy movie, but this time, they’re considering making the monster female. It would be the first lady mummy since, well, ever.

Universal, which owns the rights to all sorts of horror movies and monsters, is looking to bring them all together in one giant film universe. Think, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with things that scare us, like the Mummy, along with Dracula, Doctor Frankenstein’s monster, and The Wolf Man. Already, we’re on board with this because it feels like we’ve been waiting FOREVER for these characters to come back to life. Even better if they’re all linked together.

The first one up for this new Monsters Universe will be The Mummy. You might hold the ’90s Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz near and dear to your heart, because they’re so campy and great. You also might be pretty fond of the OG Mummy from way back in 1932, which was somehow extra creepy because it was black and white and totally silent. This new Mummy will be a complete departure from those two, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the monster in this movie could (for the first time) be a she.

According to THR, the team behind this new Mummy, director Alex Kurtzman (who wrote both Star Treks) and writer Jon Spaihts (who wrote Prometheus and the upcoming Doctor Strange), have two stories in mind. One is about a male mummy, the other about a lady mummy. What gender they decide to go with in the end will be based solely on the casting process for the film.

You hear that? Time for every phenomenal female actress out there to get in line to audition for The Mummy. This needs to happen.

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