Marvel announced an ALL female Avengers team wutttttt

Let’s hear it for the lady comic heroines, because they are really getting their time to shine. Marvel Comics announced earlier today that they’re starting an all new Avengers monthly comic book series and it’s going to be made up entirely of females. Yes, that’s right, an all-female Avengers team. You KNOW they’re going to get stuff done.

Marvel is calling this Avengers team the A-Force, and it’s going to be made up of She-Hulk (female version of The Hulk, rock on), Dazzler (who usually hangs out with the X-Men, and can manipulate sound and light), and Nico Minoru (of the Runaways comics, who is basically a wizard). Looking at the released concept art for A-Force, you can also pick out Wasp, Medusa, Rogue, and a tiny little Jubilee in the back, and that’s still only scratching the surface. Even though these ladies may have been part of different teams throughout the years, this is the first completely female group. So much YES.

The release of A-Force will coincide with Marvel’s planned Secret Wars event which will — just go with me on this — end the Marvel Universe. Put simply: This latest Marvel installment finds the Marvel universe disbanded and in Secret Wars we have a patchwork of Marvel history and heroes leftover. From there the A-Force is formed. (It’s actually way more complicated than that, but we don’t have all day.)

Even better than an all-female Avengers team? A-Force is going to be co-written by women, too. (The artist behind the drawings is Jorge Molina of X-Men fame.) Marvel writers Marguerite K. Bennett and G. Willow Wilson (she wrote Ms. Marvel) will take the lead on the story and writing, and they’re just as excited as we are. In a statement Bennett said, “Our heroines embody the ideals of what we can each strive to be.” In her own statement from Marvel Wilson said, “We’ve purposefully assembled a team composed of different characters from disparate parts of the Marvel Universe, with very different power sets, identities and ideologies.” Wilson also started teasing the news on Twitter a few days ago, so she’s clearly been fighting the urge to tell us sooner:

In addition to all this fanfare will be a new character: Singularity. Singularity isn’t assigned a gender but she chooses to be a woman. She’s also gorg.

A-Force will drop in May, which gives us plenty of time to prepare for just how awesome this series is going to be. We’re ready to read!

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