Felicity Jones showed a clip from “Rogue One” last night on “The Tonight Show,” and we’re more excited than ever

Sometimes, when an actor takes on a particular role, they need to train for quite some time to make sure their knowledge in a particular subject is convincing. For Felicity Jones, who stars in the film Rogue One, it was kung fu training.

Jones decided that she wanted to do more than show off her new skills on the set of The Tonight Show last night — she also wanted to show a short clip, where her moves came into play.

As you can guess, this is big for Star Wars fans.

The movie will be coming out soon (as in, it’s just 15 days away) but of course we’d never turn down any kind of sneak peek. Maybe we just have no patience when it comes to blockbuster films like this.

Watch and see Jones kick some butt:


While totally unrelated, it still needs to be said: Felicity Jones is wearing a totally gorgeous dress while demonstrating all of these killer moves. All in all, she looks so confident!

Jones plays the lead role of  Jyn Erso, a leader who tries hard to steal the plans to the Death Star. And in every single trailer we’ve seen, the entire movie looks really, really good.


Obviously Rogue One will be the big movie this holiday season, and we know that people will be buzzing about it well into 2017!

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